Built in storage unit

  • 06/10/2015

Our client had a vision in their mind, and wanted to incorporate Ash in their project, which we worked with and came up with our design.


After having a new kitchen installed and building works undertaken in their home in Rural Somerset, our
clients were left with a large open space along one wall. The idea was to have a built in storage unit created
which would fit in with the kitchen, but not actually be part of it. It was time to put our creative
minds too work.

Ash veneer, handmade, bespoke, furniture

Ash veneer

Our client had a vision in their mind, and wanted to incorporate Ash in their project, which we
worked with and came up with our design for this built in storage unit.

The manufacturing process was a little different than normal here as we needed to veneer our
24mm birch ply boards with an ash veneer to make the carcase for the built in storage unit. We done this by using our bag
press, which creates 7 tonnes of pressure per square metre to ensure a flat and perfect finish to the
veneer on the ply board. We then added a tulip lipping on the front of the carcase to make the detail.

Next in the process was to manufacture the doors and shelves. The doors were made from 28mm tulip wood and painted and the shelves from 24mm birch ply. This is something which we also veneered the same as the carcases, with a solid ash lipping along the front edge.

The shelves operated on a library shelf support strip, which gives optional shelf placement, and fitted in with the style of the design. This built in storage unit was not only going to look stunning, but it was very practical, with lots of storage space for large pots and pans, and also lots of books and somewhere to show off ornaments and glasses.

The next stage once everything was made and doors were hung, was to go into our spray booth for priming and then it will be hand painted with our own furniture undercoat and top coat.

The colours we used on the built in storage unit were Cornforth White and Parma Grey. We used a waterborne low sheen acrylic eggshell, which is designed specifically for moisture areas, not only is it a great paint for kitchens and furniture, being a waterborne paint its good for the environment.


handmade Ash veneer carcase bespoke furniture, bespoke kitchens

Ash Veneered Carcase

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